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A dog had gone off her legs. The vet said it was not curable and gave the owner pain relief for a few days so they could come to terms with the inevitable outcome.  By chance the owner decided to give chiropractic a go.  Dave saw the dog, examined x rays, and proceeded to treat the do. At the end of the first treatment the dog had feeling in her hind paws and thus a reflex that had been missing returned.  At the end of the second treatment the dog was able to stand with assistance. After the 3rd treatment the dog was walking carefully.   The dog progressed over the coming weeks and became a happy active family member again.


An elderly rescue Dog was barely able to walk or move. On high levels of pain relief and facing a short and bleak future. He was being taken for walks in a buggy by his new owner, she would take him in the buggy to the woods and set him down for a sniff around before going back in the buggy for more of a walk.  After the first treatment with David he was moving much more freely and appeared in a lot less pain,  he was taken in his buggy for a walk. As normal he was set down out of the buggy for a sniff, at which point he smelled a deer and ran off into the woods not to be found for 15  minutes where upon he came running back.  The owner contacted Dave to say she was not sure if she was thrilled or horrified.

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A Morgan horse gelding had fallen off a steep trail in California.  He was very lame behind and hardly able to walk, clearly distressed and in a lot of pain. There was concern he would never be able to be ridden again.  Dave worked with him to reduce the swelling and discomfort initially, then to enhance his joint mobility and aid recovery. With in just 3 sessions he was back riding, bending normally to each side, smoothly transitioning to canter and generally feeling fit and well. 


A horse was seen by various vets for apparent navicular issues and possible SI strain. He was very lame and reluctant to move.  Several other osteopaths, chiro’s and body workers had seen this horse t no avail. Dave attended and pointed out a shoulder issue that had been overlooked.  Once the shoulder was adjusted the horse walked sound and the foot and SI issues dissipated.

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