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Superpulsed laser

Craniosacral therapy

Healthy functioning joints allow us to move more freely in our ordinary daily activities.  To be more productive, have more energy, increased feelings of wellness, better sports performance and enhanced resistance to disease.  The same is true for animals.

Animal and human chiropractors help the entire body as they use adjustments to restore joint function and support the nervous system thus aiding optimal health. 

This has minimal contraindications and virtually no side effects, which makes it the treatment of choice for many conditions.

Therapeutic lasers supply energy in the form of a directed beam of billions of photons of light. Penetrating deeply into the soft tissue, the laser light is transformed into chemical energy within the cells. Physiological changes occurring as a result of changes in the permeability of the cell membrane stimulate the body to repair itself naturally. This process of biostimulation of the cell membrane not only decreases inflammation and pain, but increases natural tissue regeneration. The body naturally heals itself.

Dr Dave prefers the Luminx Super pulse laser he uses as it pulses at up to 80000 pulses per second which is far superior to the majority of lasers and as such enjoys more effective results.

Cranio-Sacral  is an exceptionally gentle, yet extremely powerful form of treatment. It supports the body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself as well as helping to reduce stress and building up underlying energy.  It engages with the body to  restore health and integration of body, mind and spirit. It can enhance health in any circumstances - from birth patterns, injury, illness, severe trauma, and all the many stresses and strains of life, both physical and emotional, often resolving issues that are not helped by other means. Therefore it is suitable for everyone, from newly-born babies to the elderly. 

Dave has seen miracles with newborn babies from those unable to suckle to those who are unable to lay flat.  He treated his own children when they were just hours old.

He offers this service for both people and animals. 

Animals in too much pain, or not well enough to receive traditional chiropractic care respond well to his cranio sessions.

“There is no glitz, no glamour, no clever marketing. You quietly achieve magic miracles that I have never experienced from any other practitioner.   How you do it is amazing, we have spend years with various vets, body workers and other chiropractors none of whom get the outcomes you do.  Helping me, my children and my dogs you are incredible. I count myself lucky to have found you here in sleepy Devon” Mrs S.

Issues Helped By  Chiropractic Care Horses-

The most common question is what can chiropractic help?

Some common issues that can be improved are:

Horse not bending to left or right as easily as used to

Horse not picking up correct canter lead easily

Horse not moving as freely

Horse not moving forward happily

Biting when tacked up

Difficulty backing up

Difficulty standing for  farrier/trimmer

Knocking jumps down

Lacking energy

Slower racing times

Lateral work not as good as normal

Horse seems sour

Weight loss

Hormonal imbalance

Following an injury

Reluctant to walk up or down a hill

Vague lameness that is hard to pin point

Issues Helped By  Chiropractic Care Dogs-

Reducing pain symptoms

Back pain, disk issues, paralysis

Arthritis & degenerative conditions in any part of the body


Muscular Sprains & Strains


Lameness and gait issues


Hip & Elbow Dysplasia


Breed specific Conditions eg long back, giant or miniature breeds


Supporting health promotion


Balancing uneven gait


Helping acute injuries


Performance enhancement

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